are you really a “vibe”???

Whatever frequency you’re vibrating on will forever dictate your NOW. It will connect/link/attract everything that is on that frequency. for ex lets say that the frequency is between 1 and 10 and on this day you’re vibrating on a 5 now in our minds pov a 5 is not too bad and its obviously not good either. But what you fail to realize is that the UNIVERSAL LAW is invisible to us but it is still inevitable {if that make any sense} now you’re tapped in {shame, guilt, greed, envy, poor choices, and laziness} Now what sheeple don’t overstand is this LAW OF ATTRACTION work in good and bad you will attract it no matter what. Not only will the said frequency affect your spirit/energy realm but it will also affect your physical/earthly realm. Because these two {among the other multiverse} are very much parallel

“as above so it is below”

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mothers who have beautiful reflections of themselves. Sending you love and strength to continue to nurture and give life changing advice to any and everyone you come in contact with today and Beyond

Love isn’t an action it is inevitable two cups half full Pouring into each other yes some of the contents may fall out but the consistency of each cup filling when one loses a bit of itself. A consistency to keep them level or at least where they started before they began. A satisfying indulging of the two. The reciprocating dynamics of pouring and being. Love is knowing that being vulnerable enough to trust the others faith in you. Naked baring it all. But I’m scared of that vulnerability. My cup will forever be half filled


“I miss you” the text read
And I left you on read
It’s been 3 days since I last exchange with you and 1 week since our passion as you would say
I’m scared of lonely and I’m scared of letting you in..
Does that make any sense
I feel as though our existence for one another is inevitably destined
But what i saw i cant unsee
The Sookie bitch hanging on your every word.
Do you have a preference i mean are you really color struck to the point you disregard all of this Eumelanin in your face.
I’m so possessive
I just want you to come and make love to me, grab me by my throat and push your love inside.
Make me scream your name until I cum all over your dick.
I want you in more ways than one.
What did you do to me? You had me way before the physical
I toy with the that thought all the time
Obsessed actually
That you’re a past life love that has caught up with me
40-26 (14)
Destined to be.
You know me
Is that why your consistency and constant reassurance has engulf my very soul.
Is this what it really means to have a soul mate?
Laying on your chest I find peace.
You make me forget everything
You’re a reminder of what can be if I allow it
We all have a past
And you share some with me

I was asked, what is the worse thing to endure?.

Losing yourself.. I’ve experienced loving someone so deeply that you forget who you really are. You eat, sleep, think only them nothing else really matters. But when you finally say “NO, I choose ME this time”. You become the bad guy, that Jekyll and Hyde persona raises its ugly head where crippling, and cancerous actions soon follow. That voice you once had is hinder, cut off, you become the puppet. I know how it feels to be in a sunken place, it’s quick sand to the MIND. Free yourself and know your worth, never allow the next to dictate who YOU really are. TRUST your intuition, love on yourself, grow and manifest the best YOU can be

I am religion

I’ve destroyed familes for centuries, twisting their minds into believing in a “saviour” even causing wars to win in “my name”. I made the rich richer.. The poor STILL poor. Racism, Slavery and FEAR are my bestfriend(s). I just sit back and watch as they argue when they ALL are wrong. If only they would search within”themselves” they’ll find all that they need is self this life is 100% their responsibility.. But instead they pray to me for guidance and direction, that sounds crazy right? But to no avail billions believe in me, I got them brainwashed from birth.

What is love to you? Is it the feeling of being vulnerable, to the point you trust to put your heart into someone else’s hand.? Is it the frequent sexcapades that will keep you blinded to the red flags that scream to you that this relationship isn’t worth the inner g anymore? What is Love? to a baby that only wants to be in his mom’s arms? To be held and hear the soft thump of her heart beat thru her milk filled breast. Is it giving sound advice, but you never seem to take heed to your own words? I say love is patiently waiting to change your tormented thoughts, to see only the good in others despite the broken ribs and blackened eye. Did love make you stay? Love is free like a smile that seem to have miss a strangers face while passing. Love isn’t just a feeling. It is a retained balance, it can be obsessive and it can be neglected. Picking and choosing whomever will be it’s victim for the moment. Love is something we all yearn but don’t seem to really overstand it. It’s constantly confused with lust another 3 headed monster that devours you if you look it straight in the eye. I say love is standing.. Naked in the mirror eye balling every stretch mark (a child bearing tattoo that I will always love to keep.) Excepting, the Cellulite, dimpled ass, saggy breast. Taking in admiring,Not ashamed, free and lovely. Loving every inch flaws and all. I smile because this is most definitely love comfortably …ME

I’ve been on this Spiritual Journey for about 3yrs and counting. Some ppl EXPECT you to stay humble and peaceful at ALL TIMES. I say does the seasons stay the same?. So don’t expect me to be the same. I’m forever evolving and I won’t hesitate to drop my Humble mindset and “get you && whomever else right together” if NEED be. And doing it with a smile 😄. Peace all is well

How are you all FEELING? I hope you’re doing the “inner work” during this time. I notice a lot of people are breaking down, on some social media platforms. They need validation from the masses in order for them to feel important. My question is why are they scared to be “alone”? I seen an article where Kim K and Ye are arguing more frequently. I laughed to myself bc in my opinion, their marriage wasn’t built on love they’re “business partners” putting on a facade. But that’s neither here nor there. But sending peace and stability to you all. Take this time to reevaluate life and what it really means to you.

That wall is there for a reason

If you get too close you’d know to turn around bc you came the wrong way.

That wall keeps things inline

No extras, mishaps or excuses


That wall exists hoping that ONE DAY someone will eventually come and tear it down.